Authors are solicited to contribute to the special session by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following areas, but are not limited to:

The discipline of computer are range of more specialized fields of:

Artificial intelligence Computer graphics Distributed computing Programming
Big Data Computer vision Information retrieval Scientific computing
Collaborative networks Database Networking Software engineering
Computer architecture Data mining Operating systems Security

The discipline of mathematics are range of more specialized fields of:

Algebraic Geometry Mathematical Physics Mathematics Education
Control Theory & Optimization Dynamical Systems and Ordinary Equations Mathematical Aspects of
Computer Science
Numerical Analysis and
Scientific Computing
Differential Logic and Foundations Mathematics in Science and Technology Popularization of Mathematics

The discipline of environment are range of more specialized fields of:

Aquatic & environmental engineering Ecological psychology Environmental psychology Environmental toxicology
Climatology Environmental archaeology Environmental policy Environmental technology
Ecological economics Environmental effects on physiology Environmental science
Ecological Environmental engineering Environmental sociology Sustainability science
Ecological genetics Environmental ethics Environmental soil science Traditional environmental knowledge

The discipline of agriculture are range of more specialized fields of:

Agricultural Business Crop Production Food Science Tropical Agriculture
Agricultural Economics Agronomy Forestry Veterinary Science
Agricultural Equipment Animal Husbandry Horticulture Water Science
Agricultural Management Fishery Soil Science

The discipline of social science are range of more specialized fields of:

anthropology demography humanities linguistics
archaeology economics justice political science
communication History law sociology

The discipline of health science are range of more specialized fields of:

Anatomy Forensic Science Nursing Public Health
Anesthesia Multimedia Resources Orthopaedic Surgery Psychology
Cancer Biology Neurology Oncology Rehabilitation Therapy
Genetics Psychology Neuroethology Pharmacogenomics Urology

The discipline of engineering, science and technology are range of more specialized fields of:

Aeronautical Civil Geography Mechanical
Aviation Electrical Geology Oil and Mining
Chemical Energy Hydrology Systems Production